In ages past, the land of Cueldi was host to countless wars and battles between petty warlords, chieftains, and kings. Then suddenly, that ended. The great dragon Godiadax came down with a solution: she would end the wars in exchange for their fielty. This was not a choice.
The system has worked very well for 163 years, Godiadax rules from her court in Tanlani Forest, and the land is indeed without war. All in all, draconic subjugation turned out to be a pretty good deal for everyone involved.
Peace still reigns in Cueldi, but strange things have been happening: every night for the last nineteen, the sky has lit up with falling stars. None of the sages had an explanation for the stellar event, nor did Godiadax deign to comment on the issue. That has changed. Reports are spreading of strange animal behavior, and the magistrate of Dlowen has sent out the call for someone brave and capable enough to investigate…

There are some house rules:

An Réimse Lasmuigh